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Our latest project  WiTier is now of the launch pad! The worlds first mobile personal base station is the next generation of connectivity, always with you, always ready to tap into any available network and at the same time fully secure your own access and sharing of Wifi or Bluetooth.

Wearable Technology Innovation Cup finalist 2014


Check out! We are already in the process of working with some great, new clients and we will help them launch their products in a larger scale in 2015!



Featured Startup: Ulocs

Play Ulocs

This is already an established player within Wearable Technologies. Working with clients Ulocs are developing some interesting new products for 2015. During 2014 we saw a strong performance in competitions and innovation awards and NOW WE MADE IT AGAIN for the Wearable Technology Innovation Cup!


Featured Startup: Wifi zone

Ever thought about how to get automated Wifi networks?
Look no further, is a new Swedish player in the Wifi automation arena. Setup is done in the cloud, the access points is just to plug in and the rest is done by automation, meshed and ready to deliver !

ImageULOCS project ISPOPOD has been picked as finalist for the Wearable Technology Innovation cup 2015 for the year 2014! Read more about it  here.


ulocs mood playerULOCS project Mood Player was picked as finalist for the Wearable Technology Innovation cup in 2014 for the year 2013. Read more about Mood Player  here.


ImageSince more than a year we have now worked with Get Grabber and their Grabbify platform.  The concept is to bring big data into the hands of retailers, food & beverage and brand communication providers  by collective thread relay in real time.


QubulusMaran Communications initiated, innovated, started and exited Qubulus within a period of 2 years. Do you want to know how, read more here.


Ants Patrik MaranWe have done a numerous amount of projects, initiated spinn-off´s, spinn-out´s, research, consultancy and pro-bono Let us tell you the story!