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Our latest project  WiTier is now of the launch pad! The worlds first mobile personal base station is the next generation of connectivity, always with you, always ready to tap into any available network and at the same time fully secure your own access and sharing of Wifi or Bluetooth.

Wearable Technology Innovation Cup finalist 2014


We started out as an effort to deliver innovation and project management to Tellus A/S in Norway. During our first year we delivered a couple of new customer projects and a business development paper on how to bring tourist information to handheld devices.

Yes. Handheld devices was PDAs. Not Smartphones even if the first ones popped up this year. The idea was to get all those tech savvy people (guys) to buy a GPS module for their PDAs and start running around discovering POIs. Points-Of-Interests. This was the latest thing back in 2003.

In 2004 we spunn this into its own startup, Emappz, and got substantial funding to deliver the first advertising financed navigation software to the consumers in Scandinavia.