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Wearable Technology Innovation Cup finalist 2014

Ulocs is a power house delivering new sensor mesh technologies, product development and innovation research to meet the demand of the market years ahead.

ispopod LOGO

Our latest innovation is the ISPOPOD, a magic belt that keeps track of your movements, safety and health.

Ispolnenyie Podvigom, losely translated from Russian means perceived results (execution) which is what this belt is doing. Perceiving the results. There are a number of problems within Wearable Technologies that are recognized to limit the usability, growth of the vertical industry and therefore the success of new products and services being delivered to the market in a rapidly increasing pace.

In a typical scenario You would be wearing a device that would keep track of your performance, blood pressure or other. The data will be gathered, the conclusions would be drawn but You are without connection to external services because of lack of Internet access, smartphone, wifi access point or other radio link to the contextual receiver.

This belt, the IspoPod, is so advanced that you could almost think it was pulled out of a Tony Stark laboratory. It finds, connects and deliver Your data to the outer world. It's a wearable multiradio survival link. And if you doubt the need for it.

There are still more radio dead zones on this earth than live ones.


Because we are still in the progress of rolling out CO. Constant On. Not Sometimes Online. Constant On. And it will take +10 years before we can start thinking CO in Urban areas. The number of problems with 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G, Wifi, Bluetooth and other radios are equal to the resistance to roll out perfect coverage. And that is just urban areas. To cover tunnels, basements, garages, etc is just the first step. Think about how to communicate data in a rural environment or traveling at high speed.

This is why we designed ISPOPOD to take control over your messed up messaging.