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WiTier is a wearable base station.

Yes. a base station.
But not the type you are thinking. It is not for everyone and you own the network.

device mockup

The prototype is now in version 0.7 and will be introduced to potential investors during Q1 this year.

The WiTier device can connect to 1, 2 or 3 networks at the same time, mesh them into one private secure network that you and
anyone you allow can connect to.
By doing that the bandwidth and stability of service is maximized and at the same time with a global, mobile usability.
Imagine staying at a hotel and your laptop picks up numerous of open and encrypted Wifi access points. Imagine that WiTier
connects to three of them, unlocking the maximum potential in those access points. Voilá.
Then at home you remove the sealed lid from the device and plug it in to a power outlet for a fast recharge.

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